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We at Warwick Siding and Roofing are the best siding installation contractors in Warwick, RI. We have served countless satisfied customers throughout Kent County.

Top Benefits Of Siding

Siding Helps You Protect Your Investment

Our home is the biggest investment most of us will ever do in our lifetimes. This is why replacing its exterior with siding is such an important decision. Here are the main benefits of wrapping your Warwick, RI home in siding:

Curb Appeal

Siding will transform the look of your house. Colors will no longer chip or fade. The architectural lines will remain clean. The trim and accessories will further make your home look the sharpest it has ever been. A house siding installation will also increase your property’s value.

Lower Maintenance

Most siding materials will look great with very little maintenance, or none at all. This way you save time on your home exterior and you get extra time enjoying the Warwick, RI outdoors.

Lower Painting Costs

Fiber cement holds colors for more than double the time when compared to other siding options. Vinyl siding never requires painting. Neither cracks, chips, flakes, or fades. That will set you free from scraping and painting your house every 7 years. Over a lifetime, that adds up quickly and covers the siding installation cost several times.

Energy Efficiency

Insulated siding adds an extra layer between your home and the elements. You will lose less heat during the winter and less cool air during the summer.

Our Professional Siding Contractors Services In Warwick RI

Our Warwick, RI siding installation service is second to none throughout Kent County. Here is a sample of our services:

Siding Installation Contractors In Warwick RI

The siding installation process is quite simple. When we show up at your house, we have a complete set of tools to do the job.

Before applying any siding, we prepare the surface. The first step is to wash the walls to remove dirt and debris. We leave the walls smooth and solid. We seal any energy leaks and caulk all cracks around windows and doors.

If you wish, we may install foil-based foam sheaths. They help improve energy efficiency, so you save money on your monthly bills. We recommended doing this if we have to install siding over existing brick or wood surfaces.

Then, it is time to install the starter strips. This is done at the base of the external walls, ensuring the lowest siding panels are properly sealed. This is a time where we need to pay close attention because all siding pieces interlock with one another. Making a mistake here messes up the entire process.

After that, we install corner caps on every corner where the walls of your home meet. These are the vertical channels that result in a good finish and cover up the joints of the siding. This is also hard for inexperienced siding contractors, and easy for our Warwick, RI crew.

Finally, it is time to measure all trim strips and J strips and install them around the windows and doors. They get fixed with nails.

Only then it comes time to install the siding panels themselves. We work from the bottom to the top. We place the first panel, locking one side into the starter strip. The other side is secured with roofing nails. We lay another panel above it, so there is an overlap between each other. We repeat the process until covering all walls of your home.

Siding Repair In Warwick RI

Siding repair is a cost-effective solution to replacement. If your existing home siding is in disrepair, that brings two problems. First, it is visually unappealing. Second, and worse, it can allow water damage. That is your real problem.

It is normal to have small siding sections that are damaged. Lawnmowers throw rocks, neighborhood animals can be pesky, and even a severe weather event can cause damage.

Wind storms can cause issues too. But it is easy enough to replace a piece of soffit or siding. Our Warwick, RI shop can handle custom-made siding components to match your exact needs. This is part of normal repair and maintenance. Call us and we will come to you, free of charge, to take a look at what you need done.

Siding Replacement In Warwick RI

If your siding is warped, loose, or cracked, then you will probably need siding replacement.

This happens due to several factors. Sometimes the wind will repeatedly blow a tree branch against your house. Perhaps excessive moisture is showing up as fungus, mildew, or mold. This can be first seen on the joints where the siding pieces meet. If there is no caulk sealant, there could be moisture behind your siding.

Replacing siding requires your home to be wind and waterproof. That is the part of the job that requires the most experience. And here is where we can help you.

Why Choose Our Siding Contractors Warwick RI?

We at Warwick Siding and Roofing are the best siding installation contractor in Kent County. Here are the reasons why:


Our work is thorough. We only work when the surfaces are properly prepared, solid, and smooth. The walls are washed to remove any debris or dirt. All energy leaks are sealed. All windows and doors are caulked.

Reliable Siding Contractors

We understand that the siding installation can be messy and noisy. This is why we show up to your home on time. We also go above and beyond to deliver the job as fast as possible. This way we minimize the disturbance to your family life.


We work with several options for materials, colors, and designs. Our crew has the experience to deliver the results you have always dreamed about.


We are proud residents of Warwick, RI. We like our work as it gives us the opportunity to beautify our hometown, one home at a time.

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